On the Good Ship Beowulf

Episode 14

Jerome: Who is the Shrike?
Shrike opposes KD and slavery – has declared war on the ATC
Is part of Aragosta republic
First encounter with the Shrike’s work
KD raids community where Beowulf is docked
PCs involved in defence?
Or Beowulf comes across KD slave ship
Shrike arrives and “saves the day” by destroying and/or capturing KD ships and slavers
Undertakes usual punishments but crew will not let Jerome near him
Aidan: Find the children
What is KheiredDin up to?
KD has allied with the ATC and works to collect more slaves for their operations
In his free time he is scouring the region looking for artifacts to aid his ongoing projects of personal immortality and restoring the old regime in the Crescent Empire
He is on the trail of the Cloak of Connick amongst others
Where are the Inish slaves?
They have been sold into slavery in Mariana
This information can be had in Fort Freedom
Sneaking into the Company offices would be the best bet
Encounter Ulriksdottir
Gabija & Turlough: [Locate the Cloak of Connick]
She is not aware of any particular mission, but has been guided to this point to retrieve the Cloak
The Cloak is located in a wreck in the Thorindin’s Spires area, coincidentally in the same location as Daw’s treasure stash
Aragosta is the place to locate this kind of information
Daw will be heading there to organise a crew and ship to get to her stash

Former pirate, claims to be a captain (no evidence) from the area – Jack Daw
Is actually one of several survivors of a mutiny against Gosse
The group turned on each other, and she was marooned but was picked up by Vesten merchants and returned to Avalon
She knows the location of one of Gosse’s treasure stashes and is desperate to get to it before the others

Get Ludd to Fort Freedom


Attack by giant squid

PN p191
Strength 12
Aquatic, destructive, powerful, tentacled (10)

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